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Boiler Upgrade Produces Bottom-Line Savings

The PLC-based controls variable-speed drive is another energy-saving element. This drive allows the boilers motor to operate only at its required speed rather than a constant 3600 revolutions per minute which is the rate at which a typical boiler motor runs. This speed variance eliminates unnecessary energy use saving the hospital about $3300 a year.

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Purchasing Energy-Efficient Residential Gas Boilers ...

Energy-efficiency improvements will save money on a new boiler because you can purchase a smaller unit. A properly sized boiler will operate most efficiently and you'll want to choose a dependable unit and compare the warranties of each boiler youre considering. When shopping for high-efficiency boilers look for the ENERGY STAR label.

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Bronson Battle Creek Hospital Recognized for Energy Savings

Oct 01 2019 · Last year Bronson Battle Creek installed an advanced reverse osmosis system which provides a clean feed of water to the boilers and reduces the use of chemicals needed to clean the boilers. This energy-saving investment resulted in a rebate of $14937.13 and will save the hospital approximately 5 percent annually in natural gas usage.

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Hospital Energy Centre Powers Up | Latest news around ...

The Centre provides heating hot water and electricity to the Hospital generating 4.9 MegaWatts (MW) of thermal energy for heating and hot water and 1.2MW of electrical energy. It includes three dualfuel boilers (gas and oil); a 1MW biomass boiler running on virgin wood and a single 1.2MW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas engine which will generate around 87% of the total electricity supply needs of the

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Energy Saving Tips for Healthcare Facilities | Computrols

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems also known as cogeneration systems have become very popular amongst hospitals in recent years. In some cases these systems have been able to generate enough electricity to run entire facilities saving millions of dollars. In short CHP systems convert the facilitys waste heat into energy that can be used for heating and cooling.

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Learn how to Save $15000 annually per ... - Energy Services

Nov 26 2018 · Flashing boiler feedwater from 140 degF to 250 degF steam requires less energy than starting at 75 degF. Configuring the medical steam boiler for a 140 degF reservoir during the day however may result in a an increased kW Demand of up to 40 kW. This condition may lower the peak demand of the medical steam boiler when flashing steam.

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Compare ENERGY STAR Certified Boilers find rebates and learn more.

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