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Power Plant Boilers: Condenser Performance Monitoring ...

May 17 2019 · The steam condenser of a power plant boiler is a critical heat exchanger in the process. Poor performance due to restricted heat transfer can have a dramatic influence on unit efficiency.

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(PPT) Condensers and its types (UNIT-2) | Ankit Saxena ...

The dissolved air in feed water enters into boiler and it travels with steam into condenser. Effects of Air Leakage: The presence of air lowers vacuum in the condenser. Thus back pressure of the plant increases and consequently the work output decreases. has very poor thermal conductivity.

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A-frame Air Cooled Condensers | SPG Dry Cooling

ModuleAir® is an innovative modular air-cooled condenser (ACC) that directly condenses steam turbine exhaust flow and return condensate to the boiler without any water loss. With construction savings of up to 25% compared to a standard A-frame construction time can be reduced by several months for large power .

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How Does an Air Cooled Condenser Work? | SPG Dry Cooling

Dec 20 2017 · An air cooled condenser (ACC) is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes. The cool ambient air flow outside the finned tubes is what removes heat and defines the functionality of an ACC. In thermal power

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Surface Condenser in Thermal Power Plant | Watco Group

The condensate can be re-used in the boiler: In surface condenser even impure water can be used for cooling purpose whereas in jet condensers cooling water must be pure. Although the capital cost and the space required is more in surface condensers but it is still preferred due to its low running cost and high thermal efficiency of .

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Air-cooled condensers eliminate plant water use

Sep 15 2008 · An air-cooled condenser was installed at Chinas 2 x 300-MW coal-fired Zhangshan Power Plant. The market for air-cooling equipment in China continues to be very strong thanks to the countrys ...

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Condenser: Functions Types Air Leakage and Efficiency ...

Steam jet air ejectors are used to remove air from condensers and a de-aerating plant is used to remove dissolved air from feed water before pumping it through the economiser into the boiler. To check whether there is leakage in the or not the is run until conditions are steady.

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(PDF) Air Cooled Condensers - Chemistry Implications at ...

agents (typically ammonia) increases the pH in both the early and bulk ... Air Cooled plants are known to exist with several different . ... High efficiency condensing boilers are used for heating ...

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Use of Condensers in Thermal (Steam) Power Plants

Mar 09 2017 · The different components of the steam condensing plant are: Condenser Supply of cooling water Condenser cooling water pump Condensate extract pump Hot-well Boiler Feed Pump Air

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