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Wet steam lowers the heat transfer efficiency of steam which will result in an inefficient sterilization procedure. Wet steam causes several major problems: Firstly during sterilization the wetness in the steam clogs the pores of packed loads and prevents the steam from properly penetrating wrapped loads or sealed pouches.

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Apr 02 2021 · Whereas wet steam and super-heated steam complicates the steam sterilization cycle because of undesirable moisture play. Excessive moisture in saturated steam can cause a moisture-laden load resulting in longer sterilization hold times.

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Sep 18 2016 · Overview. Of all the methods available for sterilization moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure is the most widely used and the most dependable. Steam sterilization is nontoxic inexpensive 826 rapidly microbicidal sporicidal and rapidly heats and penetrates fabrics (Table 6) 827. Like all sterilization processes steam sterilization has some deleterious effects on some materials

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Aug 16 2017 · Steam Sterilization Temperature Guide. Ensuring that the steam sterilizer chamber reaches and stays at a certain temperature for the recommended amount of time is vital to effective steam sterilization. Some commonly recommended temperatures for steam sterilization are 250° F (121° C) 270° F (132° C) and 275° F (135° C).

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Once again the sterilization cycle creates wetness and superheat prevents wetness. The sterilizer chamber is usually jacketed with 30 psi steam so having dry steam in the chamber is more like cooking pizza in an oven as opposed to the desirable wet conditions needed to prevent sterilization failure.

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